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RJ Dean & Associates
Architect, Engineer & CPA Professional Liability

Our focus on the design and environmental professions and our specialized expertise in this field provide our clients great value. You benefit from:
  • Specialized Personnel. RJ Dean & Associates is by far the largest writer of design professionals in the state of New Mexico, and we are one of the leading specialists in the country. That means your account will be handled by experienced, highly trained individuals who understand your business and are committed to providing you an elevated level of service unavailable elsewhere. We have the expertise you need to reduce your Total Cost of Risk and drive additional dollars to your bottom line.
  • Professional Liability Agents Network. We are an active member of PLAN (Professional Liability Agents Network), a network of insurance brokers in both the United States and Canada, specializing in risk management and insurance for design professionals. Our membership in PLAN allows us to stay up-to-date on issues and market developments affecting our design professional clients.
  • Exposure Analysis. We deliver a systematic approach to evaluating and reducing your loss exposure. We do not believe you should insure every exposure. We do believe you should clearly understand your exposures and thereby make educated decisions to manage, control, retain or insure them.
  • Market Knowledge. Our continuous study and assessment of the professional liability insurance arena enables us to access the key markets our clients need. Professional liability underwriters are located throughout the country and we make the extra effort to meet with them personally, face to face. Insurance is a relationship business and we treat our insurance company relationships with as much importance as our client relations. In most situations, we are the insurance company’s lead broker in Albuquerque, NM. Our efforts enable us to effectively market your account to the right underwriters in order to obtain the appropriate coverage at the lowest realistic price.
  • Exclusive Access. RJ Dean &  Associates is the exclusive broker in New Mexico for two of the premiere providers of Professional Liability Insurance for the Design Profession XLDP and Berkley Design Professional are both experienced risk management focused underwriters. They choose to work directly with us because of our commitment to the design profession.
  • Risk Control. We have developed a series of custom questionnaires and checklists to help determine what you need to effectively manage and control your loss exposures.
  • Contract Review. Every contract you sign has risk transfer implications. Premises leases, auto rental agreements, professional services contracts – they all need to be reviewed by an experienced and knowledgeable broker for risk management and insurability implications. We will review your contracts to make certain you understand the risks you being asked to accept and we’ll advise you on whether they are equitable and insurable. (Our advice is not a substitute for a legal review.)
  • Education. We can help you reduce your Total Cost of Risk, but we can’t do it without your participation. To help you make educated decisions, we hold client educational seminars designed specifically for design professionals. These seminars include titles such as Contract Review, The Top 10 Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Cost of Risk, and How to Hire and Fire. We also hold more general seminars that focus on risk management, sexual harassment (required by law for employers of 50 or more), human resources, post-accident response training and OSHA, to name just a few.
  • Application Assistance. Many brokers simply take your completed application and forward it on to the insurance company. We prefer to sit down with you and review your application line by line so we can make certain that it is completed correctly and, equally important, that you understand the underwriting ramifications of each question. Your insurance application can serve as an audit of your business practices and we can help you determine which practice areas need to be addressed to lower your Total Cost of Risk.
  • Professional Societies. R.J. Dean & Associates is active in many local professional associations including Albuquerque Chapter of American Institute of Architects, and the American Council of Engineering Companies  New Mexico. We contribute our time, money and expertise to advance the interests of these organizations and the professionals they serve.


Lorman Distinguished Faculty Member
Bob Dean
6101 Moon Street NE
Suite 1000
Albuquerque, NM
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